The Fulcrum Team

Hannah Wood, B.A, Owner and Operator, C.E.O, Head Consultant and auditor, Rick Hansen Foundation Certified Rating Consultant 2019.













Hannah Wood is a passionate advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and has contributed to the consultations on both the Nova Scotian Provincial and Federal Accessibility legislation. Hannah has gained knowledge about disability issues from personal experience, advocacy and varying professional development studies. She was in the first class of Nova scotians to graduate from the Rick Hansen Accessibility Certification training program. Hannah serves on the Built Standards Committee for the Province of Nova Scotia and volunteers with various disability and education-based organizations.


Julie Vandervoort, B.A. LL.B, Equity Consultant














Julie Vandervoort is an award-winning author with more than 20 years’ experience in human rights, employment law, dispute resolution, investigations, and compliance legislation. She has worked in the investigation and legal divisions of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and prepared Nova Scotia’s reports to the United Nations on compliance with U.N. Conventions. She has participated in formal complaint hearings brought under the Human Rights Act, worked on equality appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada and conducted workplace investigations under the Labour Standards Code, the Ombudsman Act and the Social Workers Act. She has developed policy, designed workshops and served on several boards and as a research consultant to the CBC. She is an empathetic and client-centred mentor and a lifelong learner committed to partnerships for structural change.


Andrew Taylor, Library Technology, NSCC 2012, Advocate, Volunteer and freelance Marketing and Social Media Consultant. Accessibility Auditor, Rick Hansen Foundation Certified Rating Consultant 2019.














Andrew is a passionate advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and is himself a wheelchair user. Andrew has experience in advocacy and volunteering for causes that affect persons with disabilities, and his education, experience, and no-nonsense know-how are essential to the access audit process. Aside from his formal auditing work, Andrew is a regular volunteer for the Fringe Festival of Halifax, NS and the Halifax Jazz Festival in accessibility service and accommodations. Most recently Andrew lent his talents to the DisX conference held at the Bus stop Theatre, Halifax, NS.